Do – The Fourth Musketeer of Lust, Love, and Life

Do’s is the story of a prince becoming a musketeer then a free sage.

Do’s father had been a humble yet brave soldier who had turned knight through valour and then king.

Do, when young and in his father’s kingdom, had been unknown to almost all. He had neither used his father’s name nor power to garner anything for himself.

People used to ask, “Does the king have a son?

“What does he do?

“What does he look like?”

But Do was always incognito.

But Do’s fortune forsook him.

The knights in his father’s coterie turned against him.

They asked him to prove his Godly worth by pitting the Devil against him.

They said that he was a pale white joke and asked him to show his true colours by becoming a musketeer in a neighbouring kingdom.

Little did they know that they had let a warrior of peace loose.

Young Do, whenever he realized something used to forget very soon after his realizations.

He used to realize:

‘Every thought should be got rid of after it has occurred, bewitching or not.

‘Otherwise, its witch comes to haunt you.

‘Bewitching or not.

‘This witch wants to make you its bitch.’

Young Do’s forgetfulness was the cause of his uneasiness.

If he had just let each and every thought just flow through him and go, he would have never have had to search for anything, for he would have already been at peace, and that is what foolish men search for all their lives after destroying the peace that is already theirs at birth by accumulated thoughts, all of them unnecessary.

A truth of life which Do realized very early in life was that most people desperately try to convince themselves of untruths.

On a scandalous note, people try to convince themselves that they, their spouses, and children are beautiful, when they certainly don’t have to or even be.

On a devastating note, people believe that rot which comes their way and suits their madness because of its simplicity and they consider it to be the absolute truth and all others who think otherwise madmen.

Do had understood one simple thing:

The way to simplicity lies through complexity.

Do knew that though Truth was simple, it could not be got at in a simple manner.

Thus, Do’s complex journey in search of simple Truth.

Life is a rainbow. Truth should be black and white. The world is bursting with grey areas. Men and women are not what they seem.

Do was the Fourth Musketeer in search of ip, the magical Inverse Prism which would make diverse ones one.

He had as his best friends the Three Original Musketeers: Pencil, Colorless, and Zero. They were their own masters as well as of those domains governed by their names.

He had as his loves Vibgyor – the Rainbow Woman, and Black and White – BW, and also more than a few others.

He had as his other friends men from myriad walks of life who would help him in finding ip, from rulers to teachers to doctors to dyers.

‘Do’ is a philosophical fairytale trying to find the best through the worst and making the magical ideal the possible real.