Mallikarjun B. Mulimani

Predator & Prey


Predator & Prey looks at life as Yin & Yang. It artistically and philosophically explores psychology, man, woman, God, and ultimately, space, time, and the universe with the aim of making sense of what we call life. The red-haired emerald-green eyed Irish American is waiting to die on a mountain-top, under a starlit sky in front of a blazing fire, surrounded by his three imaginary friends: the moth, the chameleon, and the eagle. He phlegmatically looks back at the adventurous globe-trotting life he had led, in which he had held numerous professions, with vivid memories of the Yin & Yang diary entries he had penned during the course of his journey. This diary has been entrusted to the Irish American’s childhood best buddy, an Indo-American, who, along with another schoolmate, a British American, and the old man’s doe-eyed high school sweetheart, is reading it at the moment of his departure. 


The fiery red-haired old man, a globe-trotter with emerald-green eyes which had always sparkled since childhood, had penned in a black and white diary throughout his active life, but only when he had felt it was absolutely necessary, to order his thoughts which at the moment of his impending departure, from what men called life, on the grey mountain under a black sky filled with blue twinkling stars, was being read by his four friends, who were far away from his graveyard-cum-crematorium, with an uneasy heart. He had thought of life as black and white which was yin and yang and had boiled almost all he had understood into a predator and prey approach to it emphasizing a complementary contrast; he had used the pseudonym, Darkre, at the end of each entry in his diary. 

Evolution, propounded by Charles Darwin, as understood by the Irish American, with its parasite, neighbor, predator, and prey, with the survival of the fittest, had influenced him from the very beginning, and he had slowly but steadily shrugged off the shackles of the faith he was born into after exploring it and also many other schools of thought in the world which he had trotted through, trying his hand at almost everything that he had considered interesting enough to help him understand himself in life, and had come up with his own philosophy which when the time came for him to die would stand by him and enable him to walk towards death with open arms and invite it into his warm embrace.  

As he sat immersed in his thoughts beside the fire, whale oil, and coffin which would be his pyre in a funeral watched by only his present imaginary companions, the moth, the chameleon, and the eagle, which had rejoined his mind after decades, he knew he had given life his best and had no regrets about approaching death. His diary had managed to encapsulate the world within it with the leitmotif of predator and prey because of the yin and yang of the diarist’s thoughts which had fallen and risen like waves, and now that the sailor who had voyaged through the ocean of life, sailing on the troughs and crests of his thoughts, was nearing a shore where thoughts would come to an end, he realized that though his negative thoughts had sometimes been the predator preying on his positive ones and at other times the tables had turned with the prey becoming predator, soon there would be no more contrast. 

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